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Red Lechwe

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Eight Point Ranch has Red Lechwes for sale in Texas. We are located in Central Texas, 45 minutes from Austin, in Elgin Texas. Call Eight Point Ranch and arrange for your delivery of Red Lechwes to your ranch today. Eight Point Ranch offers some of the finest trophy Red Lechwe hunting in Texas.

Red Lechwe Facts

The Lechwe, or Red Lechwe, is a fleet-footed water-lover, skimming across wetlands and swamps with the ease and grace of a gazelle, although it is a bit clumsy and uncertain on hard ground. Well adapted to wet conditions, its long hooves splay widely over soft ground, making it sure footed and speedy over mud, water and reeds. This robust, long-haired antelope is a strong swimmer, and will dive into water without hesitation if pursued.


The lechwe comes on to dry land only to rest and calve: the only antelope that is more adapted to water is the sitatunga. Lechwe are medium-sized antelope, with coats of long, rough hair. The hindquarters are higher than the forequarters, and black encircles the legs between the hooves and the false hooves. They have a white patch around the eyes. They eat a variety of grasses, sedges, shrubs and semi-aquatic plants, selecting for new growth.